Virtual Skeletons in the Closet? The cancelation crusade begins…

I decided to finally get serious and integrate my online identity. At the bequest of numerous friends to get a Facebook account I have bristled. At the urging of my own to redo my website I have procrastinated. But looking over my todo lists I found myself going back to this. If I create and organize numerous projects/events and my own writing, why don’t I give a bit more attention to my project (me)? To do this, I needed to simplify and streamline. I have long been overwhelmed by my outdated and unused profiles, several of which I don’t remember creating. First clean-up, then creation…

MySpace – MyWhat?

I first canceled my MySpace account which had been created by interns years ago who worked with me and featured for my profile picture “Mzee and Owen the Hippo”. Now, to be sure these two are special friends who I am flattered to be associated with but who I feel don’t quite give one an accurate picture of the fuller spectrum of my personality and identity.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know...

(In case you live  under a rock and don’ t know about these two – you can learn more, and believe me, you want to at )

Friendster – Uh, not so much.

I don’t remember creating this, and I don’t seem to have very many friends (once I got logged in, it was a marathon of miraculous memory that allowed me to retrieve the password and correct login)… Ah, the memories.

Once in, I realized I had a bunch of messages for hair growth and romance and sales offers… But not so much on the Friendster messages — up top to the right — settings — account — CANCEL. “Do you really wanna?”

Yes. Please. Friendster – nada mas.

Hi5 – Like when you put your hand in the air and someone hits it, right?

Well, also there appears to be a coin system… I didn’t have any coins. This was also a pretty impressive retrieval process and required diligence on my part. Once in, I did have all of 6 friends, all of whom I actually like and all of whom lived in 6 different countries. Apparently, this is the international hotspot – though when I looked closer it looked like they hadn’t been checking online either… So I took note of the 6 and realized that I had email connections with them and then…

“Give me 5,

on the side,

down low,

you’re too slow…”

I wasn’t done with clean-up yet. I went thru GoDaddy accounts and canceled old domains, got rid of my first few tweets (my account had been hacked right out of the gate), and also canceled some other sites that I get updates from. Now that the proverbial decks have been cleared, I feel a bit lighter, a bit more clearheaded and a lot more ready to take on the selected mediums I have chosen. Email, blog and twitter (I’m trying it for a bit anyway). Onward.